Would-Be Assassination Suspect Reportedly Made Disturbing Comments Online

Would-Be Assassination Suspect Reportedly Made Disturbing Comments Online

More Terrifying Details Emerge In Kavanaugh Assassination Plot

(ConservativeHub.com) – The internet can be an incredible place, giving people the chance to research and understand topics they would never have previously. Yet, it also allows others to delve into less than ideal territory as well. Apparently, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s would-be assassination suspect plumbed odd cyberspace depths leading up to his visit to the conservative Justice’s home.

According to Fox News, the FBI recently released a search warrant for Nicholas Roske, a 26-year-old California resident arrested for planning to kill Kavanaugh. The warrant alleges the suspect spent a lot of time on Google while planning his attack, searching for phrases like “assassin skills” and “how to be stealthy.”

Roske also allegedly spoke with various people on the web during his planning stage, including many on Reddit under different screen names. During one conversation, he detailed how he wanted to “remove some people from the Supreme Court.” Later, he specified he was hoping to kill three Justices, pointing out that his actions could have a long-term impact.

Police officers arrested Roske when he arrived at Kavanaugh’s home in June after he called a suicide prevention line and revealed his plan. The suspect possessed various weapons, including a knife, screwdriver, gun, and ammunition. The Californian pleaded not guilty on June 22 and will remain in custody until his September 6 court date.

How do you think the case against Roske will proceed?

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