WWII Service Member’s Remains Identified Many Years After Death

WW2 Airman's Remains Identified Decades After Death

(ConservativeHub.com) – Countless civilians lost their lives during World War II, along with the millions of men and women who served in militaries around the globe. The United States lost an estimated 416,800 soldiers and sailors during the war and can’t identify some of the bodies to this day. However, after much work and research, authorities can now return home the remains of one lost airman they had categorized as non-recoverable.

Army Air Corps Staff Sergeant Michael Uhrin hailed from Metuchen, New Jersey, and served in a Bombardment Squadron as a radio operator on a B-17 Flying Fortress. On October 14, 1943, a day historians dubbed “Black Thursday,” Germans shot down his bomber and more than 60 others, killing or wounding all inside each aircraft.

Authorities couldn’t find any remains of Uhrin in the crash and declared his body unrecoverable in April 1955. However, in 2021, the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency helped to disinter what they thought were Uhrin’s’ remains from the Ardennes American Cemetery. DNA evidence confirmed their hypothesis, and authorities made plans to return the soldier home to the US.

Officials will add Uhrin’s’ name on the Walls of the Missing at Cambridge American Cemetery in the UK and place a rosette next to his name on the wall to signify researchers found his body. Uhrin’s family never knew much about their deceased uncle, but they’re happy to know where he’ll make his final resting place.

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