WWII Veteran Worries About the State of America

100YO Veteran Worries About the State of America

WWII Veteran BURSTS Into Tears – Heartbreaking Interview

(ConservativeHub.com) – A local station’s interview with Carl Dekel in Florida on June 29th to mark his 100th birthday took a somber turn. The World War II veteran credits optimism for helping him reach old age, but he couldn’t help but break down when he began talking about the current condition of the United States. He remarked everything veterans fought for has “gone down the drain.”

In September 1940, Dekel went to war to protect the freedoms of all Americans. He said he’s proud of his military service and various honors, especially the Silver Star he earned. He called serving the country an honor, adding he would gladly do it again if he could.

Yet, as Dekel reflected on the current state of things in the US, he became sad and even appeared to break into tears. He explained the country has changed and isn’t like it was when he was growing up. He said opportunities are gone, and future young people won’t have the same choices he did. Dekel summed it up by saying the US has “gone to h*ll in a handbasket.”

Still, he managed to regain his optimism as the interview continued. He encouraged everyone not to let the woes in life weigh them down and to look for the beauty and positivity that life has to offer. He implored people to find joy in as many things as possible.

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