You Won’t Believe What People Are Naming Their Pets

You Won't Believe What People Are Naming Their Pets

( – Each year, releases a list of the most popular dog names. Traditional names, such as Fido and Spot, have traditionally enjoyed places on the list, but in 2021, it seems some pet owners were feeling a different kind of vibe. Some of the names were what some might call downright odd.

When revealed its list, some of the names had a link to current events. It seems dog parents wanted to embrace the times and named their pets after pandemic-related things and people. The most used name related to COVID-19 was Fauci, after the top US public health expert and undisputed face of the health crisis. People also used Pfizer and Covid as names for their four-legged family members.

Surprisingly, terms slanted towards technology, reflecting the trends of working at home and digital meetups, saw a jump in naming popularity. These included Zoom, Siri, and Google.

Not everyone was so focused on the coronavirus. Some people took cues from pop culture. Now, little furry friends are running around with the names Lady Whistledown, Bitcoin, and Grogu.

Bizarre names come from life around us and make for a fun way to name a pet, but stated 61% of dog owners still use human names for their pets. The number one name was Bella for females and Max for males.

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