You Won’t Believe Who Just Went to Ukraine’s Capital

You Won't Believe Who Just Went to Ukraine's Capital

( – In recent days, Ukrainian forces pushed Russian invaders away from Kyiv, the nation’s capital city. This feat marked an enormous victory for the defending forces, under attack for over a month. With this news, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson headed to the nation to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the capital’s streets. Here’s what happened during the visit.

On Saturday, April 9, Johnson arrived by train in Kyiv. Upon arrival, Zelenskyy welcomed him to the city, and the two went for a walk around the streets. The world leaders discussed the UK’s aid to Ukraine, including a new announcement England will send 120 armored vehicles and numerous anti-ship missile systems to the country.

Johnson shared more about his visit on Twitter:

This visit provided a boost to Ukrainian morale as England provided a clear display of support for Zelenskyy and his countrymen’s fight. Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer also met with the Ukrainian president to show his support on the same day. Both of these leaders received praise for their bold visits, highlighting their willingness to physically go to Kyiv rather than just show support from the comfort and safety of their countries.

What do you think? Should the US be doing more to support Ukraine, or are our leaders doing enough?

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