YouTube Alternative Rumble Heading to Florida

YouTube Alternative Rumble Heading to Florida

( – It seems the more governments restrict business practices, the quicker companies flee from their oppressive cities and head towards greener pastures. The latest company to pick up roots is Rumble, a popular alternative to YouTube that prioritizes free speech. The Canadian-based company just announced it’s heading to Florida for a bit of fresh air.

On Tuesday, November 2, video streaming platform Rumble officially announced its move to Longboat Key, Florida. The Washington Examiner was one of the first to share the news:

The company hopes to eventually have 41 employees in management, making six figures, with an additional 124 non-management employees. These tech-focused careers could help boost Sarasota county’s economy and culture in the next five years.

This move came as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) continues to prioritize his state’s economy, liberty, and free speech. Could these freedoms be why the conservative video site chose Florida for its new headquarters?

Rumble is one of many companies moving their headquarters somewhere with fewer taxes and restrictions. If this trend continues, many southern states might quickly rise as the most prosperous in the nation, thanks to their leaders, policies, and people.

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