YouTube Reinstates Former Rep’s Channel After Deleting It

YouTube Reinstates Former Rep's Channel After Deleting It

( – Critics have accused Big Tech giant YouTube of demonstrating bias through the arbitrary enforcement of its terms and services on Conservative voices. Now it appears that YouTube has added a former Conservative member of Congress to its list of targets — albeit accidentally, according to reports.

On Thursday, September 30, former Rep. Ron Paul (I-TX) posted a tweet announcing that YouTube removed the Ron Paul Institute’s channel in its entirety without offering any evidence of wrongdoing or any prior warning.

Paul attached a photo of a generic-looking notice from YouTube explaining that it “found severe or repeated” community standard violations and pointed to its policy against “spam, scams, or commercially deceptive content.”

Paul also said he appealed the removal, but YouTube’s system automatically rejected the appeal.

Roughly two hours later, one of YouTube’s Twitter accounts posted a response to Paul’s tweet. According to the tweet, YouTube determined the deletion of the Ron Paul Institute’s account “was a mistake,” and they reinstated the channel. YouTube also advised it would send him an email to cover any questions about the ban.

It’s noteworthy YouTube only responded after hundreds of individuals posted comments on Paul’s tweet and thousands retweeted it, with several adding a blue link to YouTube to their posts. Would the story have had a different ending if Paul didn’t have over 700,000 followers?

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