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Trump Announces 2024 Intentions

Trump Makes a BIG Announcement – Reactions Pour In!

Trump Announces 2024 Intentions (ConservativeHub.com) - Former President Donald Trump will run for another chance to occupy the Oval Office in 2024. He announced his...
Protesters Deface Painting in Vienna

Environmentalists Strike AGAIN – Work of Art TARGETED

Protesters Target Painting in Vienna (ConservativeHub.com) - Protesters always want people to hear their voices, so they often seek the most public spaces to hold...
Marco Rubio Takes Aim at Biden Over Meeting With Jinping

Marco Rubio BLASTS Biden – New Statement Released!

Marco Rubio Takes Aim at Biden Over Meeting With Xi Jinping (ConservativeHub.com) - President Joe Biden was half a world away at the G20 summit...
Biden Throwing $20 Billion at Plan To Help Indonesia Go Green

$20 Billion Plan REVEALED – Look Who’s Involved!

US and Allies Launching Plan To Help Indonesia Go Green (ConservativeHub.com) - President Joe Biden continues pursuing his climate agenda, seeking to help the world...
CDC Foundation May Cut Over 3,000 Pandemic Experts

CDC Foundation Cutting THOUSANDS of Jobs? – Here’s What We Know

CDC Foundation Likely To Cut Over 3,000 Pandemic Staff (ConservativeHub.com) - When the novel coronavirus finally made it to US shores, a mere 28% of...
Man Whose Story Inspired Famous Movie Dies

He’s GONE – Man Who Inspired Spielberg Film Suddenly Dies!

Man Whose Story Inspired Spielberg Movie Dies (ConservativeHub.com) - The man whose story inspired the 2004 Steven Spielberg-directed movie "The Terminal" passed away on November...
CBP Head Hands in Resignation

He’s RESIGNED – White House Notified!

CBP Commissioner Hands in Resignation (ConservativeHub.com) - In October, Senate-confirmed Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Commissioner Chris Magnus came under fire for having a poor...
UK Judge Determines Man on Trial Is US Fugitive

US FUGITIVE Reportedly in Custody – He’s in BIG Trouble!

UK Judge Determines Man on Trial Is US Fugitive (ConservativeHub.com) - A fugitive from the United States who authorities say faked his death reportedly turned...
Disney Facing Cost-Cutting Measures After Failing To Meet Revenue Goals

Disney LAYOFFS Coming? – Cost-Saving Plans Reported!

Disney Reportedly Implementing Cost-Saving Measures After Failing To Meet Revenue Goals (ConservativeHub.com) - It's no secret that economies around the world are sluggish. Major companies...
KFC Under Fire After Accidental Nazi Promotion

KFC BLASTED Over Recent Promotion – BIG Mistake!

KFC Draws Backlash After Disturbing Promotion (ConservativeHub.com) - Restaurants use different marketing tactics to boost sales. Some even have phone apps to make ordering easier....

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