Couple Opens Up After Helping Stop Suspect at Kansas City Chiefs Parade

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

( – A couple that helped stop one of the suspects in the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs parade shared their story on “Fox & Friends.” 

Spouses Trey and Casey Filter had managed to unite in stopping one of the suspects during Wednesday, February 14’s shooting, with one tackling him while the other took away his firearm. On Thursday morning during their appearance on the show, Trey Filter recounted how everyone in the crowd was scrambling and he just heard someone shouting “Get him!” He added that he immediately tackled the individual with the help of another man. He suggested it all happened very quickly.

Casey, described the incident as a “whirlwind,” as there were gunshots during the Super Bowl celebration parade. She said that after the man was tackled to the ground, the gun ended up falling to her feet. Her first thought at the time was that she needed to get the firearm away from the suspect. After picking it up, she proceeded to place it close to a wall that was nearby while another man came and stood beside her. 

She added that the gun had looked like a “toy” at first, but then she picked it up and realized how heavy it was.

Trey, when asked to describe the suspected shooter, claimed that he had not seen a glimpse of his face. He proceeded to also exchange some words with the suspect but noted that his main focus was on ensuring that the shooter would not be able to get a hold of the gun again. 

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