Ethics Complaint Brought Against Supreme Court Justice

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

( – Conservative think tank, the Center for Renewing America, which is led by Russ Vought, a former Senior Trump administration official, filed an ethics complaint against Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown, claiming that for years, she failed to make the necessary income disclosures while serving on the federal bench.

According to Fox News, in a letter to the Judicial Conference, the group alleged that Jackson had “willfully failed to disclose” information relating to her husband’s consulting income for over 10 years. The group proceeded to suggest that the conference should consider referring Jackson for a possible ethics violation to Attorney General Merrick Garland. They added that the current case warrants the opening of a probe and potential civil enforcement.

The letter said that federal judges are required to disclose all of the income that their spouses earn that exceeds $1,000. However, this is not true in the cases where the spouse is self-employed, in which cases only the nature of the business will need to be disclosed.

Jackson, during her U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia nomination, had disclosed that there were two legal consulting clients who paid Dr. Patrick Jackson, her husband, over $1,000 in 2011. However, Jackson allegedly never reported the income that her husband had received through for his work on the two malpractice cases.

Vought further argued that Jackson didn’t attempt to provide information on the years that the previous financial disclosures did not include. Instead, she allegedly only filed an amended disclosure form, which was filed in 2022, and was vague about the previous disclosures that involved “material omissions.”

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