Joe Biden Makes Prediction About NFL Star

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

( – On June 5, President Biden predicted that Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes would eventually be known as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. The President had Mahomes and his team at the White House following their victory against the Philadelphia Eagles, according to a report from The Hill.

As Biden pointed out in his remarks, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl championship again in a “thrilling game.” He added that this was no surprise considering they have a great quarterback. Biden recalled that he had seen him playing with a high ankle sprain and thought that this would be a “legendary story” about a person who was among the best quarterbacks of not only his generation, but of others as well.

During the celebration, Mahomes and fellow player Trais Kelce presented a Chiefs jersey with 46 on the back to Biden, as he is the 46th President of the US. Kelce also went to speak at the podium, but his quarterback was quick to stop him, while the team laughed and took a photo.

The Chiefs took the victory in this year’s Super Bowl LVII, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. This is something that Biden referenced while he was speaking, stating that his household was full of Eagles supporters, while at the same time praising the Chiefs for their performance. He further congratulated the Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who coached the Eagles for about 13 years before joining the Chiefs.

Biden in his remarks also took the time to point out that the team members were not only incredible players, but that they had important charitable organizations that they were supporting.

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