Man Puts on Holiday Light Show, Sparking Alien Rumors

Photo by Albert Antony on Unsplash

( – In Georgetown, Texas, this December, residents were mystified by unusual lights in the sky, sparking rumors and excitement. Contrary to some speculations about extraterrestrial origins, the lights had a much more down-to-earth source: a local Christmas enthusiast.

Chris Hartgraves, the man behind the display, was reported by KXAN saying he started planning for the show just after the holiday last year. Over three years, his project has evolved into a spectacular setup with 13,000 lights. Hartgraves, who saves his annual vacation time specifically for setting up his display, personally controls each of these lights.

Describing himself modestly as “just a Christmas nerd” rather than a technical wizard, Hartgraves has put a tremendous amount of work into his passion. Most of the preparations take place in his garage, where he builds decorations, plans his needs, and uses computer software to program the light show. This software allows him to create a digital model of his house and plan out the light show in detail.

The show has become a talking point in the community, with neighbors like Kay Hood noting the weekly changes and discussions on social media about the mysterious lights. Some people even mistook the display for Elon Musk’s Starlink project or an alien visitation.

This year, Hartgraves’ display attracted the attention of local law enforcement, who had to ensure he wasn’t trying to interfere with aircraft. He cordially invited the officers to stay and enjoy the show.

The display features a talking tree and light bulb animations, symbolizing Hartgraves and his family, including recorded voices of himself, his wife, and their two daughters. Having grown up in apartments without the opportunity to decorate a house for Christmas, Hartgraves was determined to create a different experience for his children, inadvertently creating memories for the whole community. His efforts have brought joy and a stronger sense of Christmas spirit to his neighborhood.

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