Man Trapped for Days After Terrible Car Wreck

Photo by Karim Sakhibgareev on Unsplash

( – In a remarkable turn of events in Portage, Indiana, two fishermen, Nivardo Delatorre and his father-in-law Mario Garcia, made a life-saving discovery under an overpass on Interstate 94. While searching for fishing spots along Salt Creek, they stumbled upon a crashed truck with a man trapped inside. Initially, they thought the man was deceased, but upon touching him, he moved and spoke, much to their astonishment.

Garcia recounted the shocking moment at a press conference, expressing his surprise and relief upon realizing the man was alive. The man, trapped in the truck since December 20th, expressed immense relief and gratitude upon being found. He had attempted to call for help but to no avail, surrounded only by the quiet sounds of the water.

The fishermen promptly called 911, and first responders arrived at the scene around 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday, December 26. The man, identified as 27-year-old Matthew Reum, had been driving westbound on Interstate 94 when his truck veered off the road for reasons unknown, according to Indiana State Police. The truck ended up in a ditch, then in a creek, and finally came to rest under a bridge. Reum, unable to reach his phone, was trapped and critically injured, having survived on nothing but rainwater.

The Portage and Burns Harbor Fire Departments faced a challenging rescue due to the difficult terrain and the position of the truck. Using heavy equipment, they managed to extricate Reum, who was then airlifted to a hospital in critical condition with severe, life-threatening injuries.

The rescue operation was extensive, hindered by the challenging location and Reum’s entrapment in the vehicle. Indiana State Police Sgt. Glen Fifield highlighted the difficulties faced by the rescue team in reaching and freeing Reum.

There had been no prior reports of Reum’s disappearance or the crash. Sgt. Fifield remarked on the miraculous nature of Reum’s survival, especially considering the weather conditions, which fortunately were milder than usual for the season.

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