NFL Star Reveals Fellow Player Was Surprised He Didn’t Know Famous Actress

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

( – According to Fox News, NFL players Sauce Gardner and Aaron Rodgers have developed a strong bond in the time since Rodgers joined the New York Jets. During the NBA Playoffs, Gardner and Rodgers were reportedly spotted sitting next to one another at a game between Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.

The two players were only a couple of the many stars who saw the game. Gardner, 22, in an interview on Wednesday, stated that he actually met a number of people, including Dave Chapelle, Tracy Morgan, and others during the game.

Gardner also revealed that Rodgers, 39, had been surprised when he realized Gardner wasn’t familiar with the name of actress Jessica Alba. As he recalled, Rodgers was joking around about how young he was, before saying that they were going to sit close to Jessica Alba. That was when Gardner revealed that he did not know who it was.

Following that incident, Rodgers continued poking fun at him for the remainder of the night, often asking him if he knew who a number of celebrities in the crowd were.

Rodgers and Gardner got to see the Knicks win the game after they made a comeback in the fourth quarter.

Allen Lazard, another one of Rodgers’ teammates who joined the Jets slightly before the quarterback, had also joined him to watch Game 1 of the New York Knicks and Miami Heat’s series.

According to Fox News, this is helping create a lot of excitement among fans who are waiting to see how the two are going to be playing together later in 2023.

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