VIDEO: DeSantis Responds To Heckler During Speech

Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Florida Governor DeSantis (Republican) responded to a heckler during his speech in South Carolina on Friday. During the speech, a woman in the crowd shouted out to DeSantis during his speech that parents in Florida should have the right to “health care” for themselves and their kids. She proceeded to call DeSantis a “f—— fascist.”

The speech was taking place in Lexington, South Carolina, and prior to the interruption, DeSantis had been talking about parents having the right to keep their children safe from sexualization in Florida schools.

As DeSantis was making his speech, the heckler shouted out “We say gay!” which resulted in the crowd booing.

The Florida governor responded by saying that he would not allow for an agenda to be imposed on children and that he would continue to stand up for them and make sure that things are done properly. His response resulted in DeSantis receiving a standing ovation.

He proceeded to claim that “people like that” are those that they beat daily on policy. He added that they did not allow them to win and “indoctrinate” children. DeSantis has faced a lot of criticism for his stance on education, with many accusing him of “banning” books due to his attempts to remove books with certain topics from school libraries. He has also been slammed for his parental rights law which went into effect last week. The law has been dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill as it blocks any instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity for children up to grade 3.

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