Border Continues To Be a Thorn in Biden Admin’s Side

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

( – During his visit to the Southern Border last week, President Joe Biden spoke up against the failure of the bipartisan border security bill, which died in the Senate back in February. He also pushed for former President Donald Trump to join him calling for the bill to be revived. However, despite this push, he did not sign any executive action that would address asylum or the immigration crisis, according to The Hill.

The president has extensive powers when it comes to border and immigration policies. However, many administrations have had issues with court challenges resulting in the executive efforts being blocked. 

GOP members, including Speaker Mike Johnson (La.), have claimed that Biden was not taking sufficient action to handle the border crisis. However, the administration doesn’t have many short-term options left. 

The Biden administration has already introduced tighter asylum regulations, without actually providing additional funding for the implementation of the restrictions. They also have very little effect on daily enforcement. 

U.S. Immigration Policy program at the Migration Policy Institute policy analyst Kathleen Bush-Joseph argued more restrictions mean nothing without the funding to put them into practice, according to The Hill.

The Biden administration had previously introduced its “Circumvention of Lawful Pathways Rule,” which made it much tough for people who move across the border without prior authorization to apply for asylum. 

The rule was originally implemented in May, following the end of Title 42. The Biden administration had received a lot of backlash for that rule, which advocacy groups including ACLU were quick to challenge in court. The ACLU specifically referred to the rule as an “asylum ban.” However, the Biden administration has rejected that assessment. 

The Hill noted that migration has been a growing issue under both Biden and Trump due to the asylum system’s limitations. The vast number of asylum seekers is overwhelming a system not designed to handle it.

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