Coach Bill Belichick Steps Down From New England Patriots

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

( – Bill Belichick announced that after 24 years he would be leaving the New England Patriots. On Thursday, January 11, during a brief press conference, Belichick used his statement to express his appreciation to staffers, players, and fans who had supported him during his tenure.

He added that he has been fortunate to coach some of the greatest players the NFL had seen. He was joined in making a statement by Robert Kraft, the longtime team owner, who stated that they were amicably parting ways.

Kraft pointed out that much like Belichick had stated, they had met the previous day and agreed to part ways amicably. He further praised Belichick for the partnership they have had in the last 24 years and pointed out that there hasn’t been another partnership in the NFL that was as productive and lengthy as theirs.

Both Belichick and Kraft refused to answer any questions. However, Kraft admitted that the team missing the playoffs in the last three or four seasons had aided in their decision to split ways.

The two men shook hands and embraced, while they reminisced about Belichick’s first days in his coaching tenure. Kraft noted that in 2000 he had trusted his instinct to bring Belichick back after they had worked together in 1996. He further pointed out how at the time he was also working to become an experienced owner having previously been a fan of the game.

Under Belichick, the Patriots won 31 playoff games and made 10 Super Bowl appearances.

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