Former Deputy Chief of Staff Rejects Michelle Obama Rumors

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

( – Karl Rove, a well-known Republican strategist, recently addressed widespread rumors, particularly among far-right circles, that Michelle Obama might emerge to try to replace President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race. He dismissed such talk as completely baseless. These rumors have suggested that Michelle Obama, the highly admired former First Lady and spouse of ex-President Barack Obama, could potentially step in to lead the Democratic ticket instead of Biden. This speculation isn’t new and has been mentioned in political discussions before, including by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

During a conversation on Fox Business, Rove acknowledged the possibility that President Biden might not be the definite candidate, but he firmly rejected the notion that Michelle Obama would be his successor. He highlighted Michelle Obama’s consistent disinterest in pursuing a political career, despite her popularity within the Democratic Party. Rove speculated that close advisors or family members might counsel Biden to consider his legacy and perhaps step aside for a new Democratic nominee, but he was adamant that Michelle Obama would not be that nominee.

Rove emphatically denied the rumors about Michelle Obama, pointing out her aversion to political life, a sentiment she has expressed publicly, including in her memoir. She has been open about her reluctance to see her husband enter politics, from his initial state Senate run to his presidential campaign.

Rove also recalled similar unfounded speculations during the 2020 election cycle, where there was talk of Joe Biden being replaced as the nominee, with Andrew Cuomo suggested as a Democratic candidate and Michelle Obama as Vice President. Rove reiterated to his Republican colleagues, including then-President Donald Trump, that such ideas were nothing short of fanciful, emphasizing Michelle Obama’s contentment with her life outside the political arena.

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