Moms For Liberty Co-Founder Caught Up in Massive Scandal

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

( – The co-founder of Moms for Liberty, Bridget Ziegler, has become embroiled in controversy following her admission of a sexual relationship with a woman who has accused her husband, Christian Ziegler, of rape. This development has led to widespread criticism, particularly in light of the couple’s conservative stance and Christian Ziegler’s position as the head of the Florida Republican Party.

The controversy centers around allegations made by an unnamed woman, a friend of the Zieglers. She reported to the Sarasota Police that Christian Ziegler assaulted her at her apartment. This accusation followed a canceled threesome involving her and the Ziegler couple, where Bridget Ziegler was unexpectedly unavailable.

Despite Christian Ziegler and his attorney denying the accusations, security footage from the alleged victim’s apartment shows his presence there on the date of the claimed assault. Further complicating matters are Bridget Ziegler’s statements to law enforcement, where she confirmed a past consensual encounter involving herself, her husband, and the accuser.

This revelation has sparked significant backlash online, with many accusing the Zieglers of hypocrisy. Critics point to their promotion of traditional “family values” as being at odds with their personal conduct. High-profile commentators, including a former U.S. attorney and MSNBC legal analyst, have expressed disbelief and suggested the situation could be material for a reality TV show focused on conservative hypocrisy.

Moms for Liberty, a group co-founded by Bridget Ziegler, initially emerged in 2021 opposing certain health safety measures in schools. The organization claims to advocate for parental rights, but has been criticized by groups like GLAAD for promoting book bans, classroom censorship, and opposition to LGBTQ+ teachings.

Bridget Ziegler, who had stepped back from Moms for Liberty’s management board in late 2021, found her past association with the group highlighted following these allegations. In response to inquiries, Moms for Liberty co-founders emphasized Bridget Ziegler’s reduced involvement in the group since 2021.

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