Teacher Says She Was Fired Following Complaint About Rapping Job

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Michigan history teacher Domonique Brown was reportedly fired from Taylor Preparatory High School in the Detroit area after at least one parent complained about her being a “bad influence.” She said she was ousted as a result of her side hustle as a rapper who goes by the name Drippin Honey. 

Brown told FOX 2 that in December, she was voted teacher of the month, but the school ended up firing her because of her side hustle. She claimed she had never received a written complaint and asked the administration if they could encourage parentsto sit in her classroom or observe all the things she does for the students. She added that before these parents try to argue that she is unprofessional, they should come in and see her in her element.

Brown claimed that the parents opted to remain anonymous and had not provided any details about what exactly they considered objectionable regarding her rapping. In defense of her stance, she said the music was culturally significant. “We’re from Motown,” she said. “This is what we do.”

Following her firing, Brown had posted a music video on her social media which featured some of her students. In the message along with her video, Brown announced that her rapping side hustle had caused her to get fired and pointed out that what troubled her the most about this entire situation is that there was no consideration about the influence and impact she has had on the lives of her students. 

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