Cleveland Mayor Slams Lawmakers After Shootings

Photo by Taylor R on Unsplash

( РAccording to Cleveland media, city Mayor Justin Bibb blasted lawmakers in Ohio for the state’s permitless carry law following a night when three separate shootings took place. The shootings resulted in the death of one person while 13 others were injured.

In an online statement, the Democratic mayor argued that the gun violence that had occurred on Sunday, July 9, was a result of the law that had been enacted in Ohio, allowing it to become the 23rd state where individuals were allowed to carry concealed handguns without a permit.

The local police and media reports have noted that the three shootings occurred in different areas of the city. The first one led to the hospitalization of three men for their injuries, while the second one occurred in the Warehouse District where nine people were shot by a gunman. The third shooting was the only one to cause death and led to another person being hospitalized.

The mayor slammed the Republican lawmakers for this law, saying there has been an increase in gun violence ever since the permitless carry bill went through last year. He called for lawmakers to be held accountable for the problem.

According to CBS News, The Gun Violence Archive had reported 360 mass shootings in 2023, as of July 7. Mass shootings only account for those where four or more people were either killed or injured. Debate continues to rage about the root causes of the violence, and whether the solution should include increased gun control or another approach.

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