People Reportedly Looking for Better Job Stability Amid Industry Layoffs

Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash

( – From January 2023 to January 2024, there were more than 278,800 people who lost their jobs as a result of the recent wave of layoffs in the tech industry, as reported by Tech Crunch. Layoffs like these and others have resulted in many people trying to find jobs that would have less “uncertainty,” according to Fox News.

In the current job climate, many people have started using TikTok as a platform to speak up about job instability and a “hack” that they claim is going to help younger employees check off all of the boxes. This answer, according to them, is working for the federal government. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that when compared to the private sector, those individuals who work in the public sector in government positions have logged a higher median number of years in the job. The stability and other benefits that come with such long-term positions are something that the younger generation is currently finding increasingly enticing. 

Some of these benefits that younger generations are looking for include a personalized schedule, health insurance, and retirement plans, as well as a minimum of 13 days each year of sick time off. People are also looking for student debt forgiveness and student loan repayment programs. 

One TikTok user managed to get more than half a million views after pushing Gen Z members to apply for federal government positions and saying that this is where they wanted to be as there are so many opportunities there. 

According to Fox News, career coach Chelsea Stokes addressed the “job hack” and said there was some “validity” to it, due to the fact that it’s often more difficult to get fired from government jobs.

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