Group Blamed for Deaths of US Troops Says It Will Halt Operations in Iraq

Photo by Roberto Catarinicchia on Unsplash

( – Kata’ib Hezbollah, the militia group that is considered to be behind the recent fatal drone strike in Jordan, has announced that it will halt its military activity in Iraq. 

The New York Times in their report has revealed that the Group says it is going to be stopping its operations due to the pressure that the Iraqi and Iranian governments have respectively put on it. President Joe Biden vowed that there would be a response following a recent drone attack which resulted in three U.S. soldiers losing their lives while approximately 30 other service members got injured. 

The group’s name translates to “Brigades of the Party of God,” and has reportedly been behind over 160 attacks against American forces in Syria and Iraq since the middle of October. 

In a statement on Tuesday, January 30, the group’s leader Abu Hussein al-Hamidavi announced that they would be suspending all security and military operations in an attempt to not bring “embarrassment” to the Iraqi government. 

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani had previously pushed for a halt on the attacks against the United States in late 2023. However, statements fell on deaf ears at the time, according to Fox News. After the deaths of American soldiers though, he got directly involved

An Iraqi government spokesman revealed in a statement that the decision of the terror group followed recent actions that the prime minister had taken in order to ensure that all negotiations would be smooth and that there would not be any further escalations. 

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