Democrats Want To Have Supreme Court Justice Investigated

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

( – A group of House Democrats is urging Chief Justice John Roberts to initiate an independent investigation into Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, in light of recent allegations regarding his acceptance of extravagant gifts from GOP donor Harlan Crow. Led by Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.), eighteen Democrats are calling for a thorough examination of the ethical lapses potentially committed by the justices. The primary focus of this inquiry would be Justice Thomas, who has faced intense scrutiny following a ProPublica report detailing the luxurious gifts received from Crow, including undisclosed trips and the purchase of properties owned by Thomas, as well as payment for his great-nephew’s education.

Additionally, the House Democrats are advocating for the establishment of an ethics counsel within the Supreme Court. This counsel would be responsible for advising the justices on all matters related to ethical concerns, including disclosure requirements. In a letter sent on Tuesday, the congressmen emphasize the inadequacy of the Court’s existing mechanisms in preventing both actual and perceived impropriety among its members and in holding accountable those who have violated ethical rules.

The Democrats’ call for an investigation extends beyond Justice Thomas. A separate ProPublica report recently revealed that Justice Samuel Alito had accepted a fishing trip from billionaire hedge fund owner Paul Singer, who subsequently had a case related to his business come before the Court.

The group also highlights that the Supreme Court possesses the authority to take action and conduct investigations, as demonstrated by its swift response to the Dobbs decision leak.

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