Former GOP Lawmaker Working With Hunter Biden’s Lawyers

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

( – Denver Riggleman, a former Republican member of the House from Virginia, is now serving as an adviser for Hunter Biden’s legal team, following his previous position as a senior technical advisor for Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 select subcommittee. This revelation comes amid controversy and recent legal woes that have been plaguing President Joe Biden’s son.

The news of Riggleman’s involvement in Biden’s legal team came from attorney Kevin Morris, who attested to Riggleman’s advisory role, alongside two other sources cited by CBS News. Morris further disclosed in a statement that Riggleman has been assisting Biden’s team since late last year, primarily focusing on data analysis.

Delving into the specifics of his involvement, Riggleman disclosed to CBS News that his responsibilities extend beyond data analysis. He collaborates closely with a team of specialists in forensics, data analysis, and telecommunications. Together, they employ their collective skills to examine a broad spectrum of data. According to one of Biden’s lawyers, Kevin Morris, Riggleman has been an “invaluable resources” who has helped them made sense of a “massive amount of corruption and disinformation.”

Of particular significance in his role is Riggleman’s involvement in scrutinizing the claims and data originating from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. The laptop has become a focal point of controversy and speculation in recent years.

Meanwhile, the wider political landscape is rife with allegations involving Biden and his father in a bribery scheme. Republican lawmakers serving on key House committees have been working to find evidence to support these claims. The scheme allegedly involved receiving payments from foreign entities in exchange for wielding influence over policy decisions. As investigations unfold, the implications of these allegations on the Biden administration as a whole remain to be seen.

It is worth noting that Hunter Biden is grappling with other legal troubles. He recently reached a plea deal in a case involving tax-related charges. According to reports, he also reached an agreement to stay out of jail after being slapped with a felony handgun charge.

As Denver Riggleman assumes his role as an advisor to Hunter Biden’s legal team, the intrigue surrounding this development continues to grow. The ongoing investigations into the Biden family by both Congressional Republicans and legal authorities indicate that the ramifications of these allegations will be thoroughly explored, ultimately shaping the narrative surrounding the current administration and its associated controversies.

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