House Lawmaker’s Proposal Causes Controversy

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

( – A House lawmaker has recently introduced a proposal that would remove the terms “wife” and “husband” from all federal law and would instead have them replaced by the more gender-neutral term, “spouse.”

The proposal has led to significant controversy, particularly between Republicans and Democrats.. Republican Rep. James Comer, Kentucky, told Fox News that the “wokeness” in “Congress is laughable.” He suggested that the Democrats could be focusing on improving jobs or securing the border, but are instead focusing on the “woke agenda” being pushed by the “extreme left-wing contingency.” He further argued that the proposal is a “joke in the far-left overreach” of the US government.

According to the outlet, Virginia Rep. Don Beyer (D) said, however, that the terms “wife” and “husband” might not be applicable to everyone. He added that while he is not someone who shows their pronouns, he respects all those who do.

The proposal was introduced by Rep. Julia Brownley (D-Calif.) and is called the Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act. As part of the proposal, she is looking to replace those two terms in legislation with more gender-neutral terms such as “married person” or “spouse.” This proposal was also introduced back in 2021.

Sen. Josh Hawley also joined the debate, arguing that for 98 percent of the public, “wife” and “husband” are not considered controversial terms. He claimed that lawmakers supporting the move are trying to appease the radical left which makes up 2 percent but has taken over the Democratic Party.

Apart from those two terms, the phrase “one man and one woman” would also be replaced by the term “two people as spouses.”

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