LAPD Bans Public Display of Well-known Police Symbol

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – The Los Angeles PD has banned the display of the Thin Blue Line flag within the police department after people complained about what the symbol has come to represent. According to Fox News, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said that the decision to have the flags not be on public display within the station is because the flag has become a symbol for “violent extremist views,” similar to those held by the Proud Boys and other such groups.

He added that instead, it will be the American flag that they display publicly in their lobby and in memorials.

Moore relayed the origins of this decision by saying that the Thin Blue Line Flag displayed in a lobby had led to a complaint. This is because the flag has now been hijacked by other groups that hold racist, bigoted, and extremist views that don’t align with the LAPD. As he mentioned, station lobbies and other such public spaces should feel welcoming to all those who might seek law enforcement, and as those groups of people might view the flag as extremist it is best that the flag is not on display.

As Moore noted, while the flag will not be publicly displayed across the station, officers will still be allowed to display the flag within their locker, workspace, and other personal spaces. Moore pointed out that while for others, the flag has been compromised and its symbolism altered, he and other officers still consider the flag a symbol of the honor and dedication of law enforcement in keeping communities safe.

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