2 Jails Were Placed on Lockdown Due To Violence

Photo by Matthew Ansley on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Sunday, April 14, two county jails in San Francisco were placed on lockdown over reports of rising violence against deputies. The jails also issued a request for the National Guard’s assistance. 

In a statement released by the San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association (SFDSA), it was revealed that recent incidents had been a shock to the community. According to the statement, there has been a rise in attacks between inmates, prisoner fights as well as injuries to deputy sheriffs and even civilian employees. It was noted that these incidents resulted in the push for intervention so that officials could ensure that all those in jails would be secure and safe. 

According to sheriff officials, from March 29 to the time of the statement, there were at least seven staff injuries, two of which were severe, by inmates. Ken Lomba, the SFDSA president, urged the city to have the National Guard to intervene and provide assistance to the staffing issues. 

Lomba wrote a letter, noting that they were calling for the increase in violence in San Francisco jails to be addressed and argued that this was an issue that needed immediate action. The letter stated that the challenges are severe and call for the deployment of the National Guard to help address the low staffing levels.

Lomba pointed out that this crisis has been getting worse since 2020 and that the association is pushing for swift action to address the issues and increase security and safety in jails. 

One of the jails was set to end its lockdown on Wednesday, April 17, while the other is expected to open back up later in the week. The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office reportedly issued a statement saying that “internal response strategies” should address the problem and argued that calling on the National Guard was “not the answer.”

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