Dearborn-Area Imam Speaks Out Against Protester Chants

Photo by Amir Hanna on Unsplash

( – An Imam from the Dearborn area stated that he confronted a demonstrator who had been chanting slogans calling for the Death of Israel and America. 

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi said to Fox News Digital that he was completely opposed to such statements and that while he knew there were some countries that might be using this type of language, he was against it regardless of which country they were in. He argued that statements like that were not helpful.

Elahi is the local Islamic House of Wisdom mosque imam, and he first spoke out after the last Friday of Ramadan controversial rally which took place close to Dearborn. At the time, the town had a speaker who had led protesters in chants against the US and Israel. The videos that emerged from the rallies resulted in headlines across the nation regarding extremism within the Michigan imam’s local community. 

Elahi said in his interview that while he was not in attendance at the rally, he had “heard about it.” He added that he went up to one of the people he had heard “loudly” chanting. According to him, he told the protester how disappointed he was as they were supporters of life, not death. He continued that they were for justice, peace, and love. 

Elahi pointed out that the rally only included a “few people” who had been chanting the slogan and claimed that those who were involved in the rally were the minority within their community. He said that despite his own misgivings about how the situation in Gaza is being handled, he believes in using peaceful methods like outreach and voting to make a difference.

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