Alabama Senate Approves Bill To Move Ballot Certification Deadline for Biden

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, April 23, the Alabama State Senate unanimously passed a measure that would ensure that President Joe Biden would be allowed to appear on the November ballot. This is after an election official had warned that Biden might not meet the ballot deadline.

A letter was sent to state Democratic Party Chair Randy Kelley by Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen (R), who informed him that the state had set August 15 as the candidates certification deadline to join the general election ballot. This is four days before the Democratic National Convention, which is when Biden is expected to become his party’s official nominee. 

In the letter, Allen pointed out that if his office did not receive a valid certificate by the statutory deadline, they would not be able to validate the names of the Democratic presidential and vice presidential nominees.

Following the letter, Kelley contacted the Democratic National Committee to try to determine how to best proceed.

On Tuesday, the state Senate ended up passing a piece of legislation 31-0 that would move the certification deadline to 74 days from the election, giving President Biden enough time to get onto the ballot. 

The deadline was moved back for the last time in 2020 when the fate of both of the parties’ conventions did not align with the deadline. The state House is expected to take up the bill next. It is expected that the Legislature’s approval is going to come within the week. 

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