Animal Believed To Be a Fisher Spotted in Ohio

Photo by Dave Robinson on Unsplash

( – Over the weekend, an animal that was thought to have been hunted near extinction in Ohio in the 1800s was believed to appear dead on the side of the road last week.

The North American mammals, fishers, belong to the weasel family and resemble large minks. Fishers live in the forests and are considered “predators” who often go after rodents. However, they are also known to consume nuts and fruits. The fisher is also one of the few species that has the ability to kill a porcupine. 

The fisher is not currently considered to be endangered globally. However, it was believed to have been hunted to extinction in several parts of the country, including Ohio. 

On Sunday, April 21, what was believed to be a fisher was spotted as roadkill close to Kent State Unity. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is going to be conducting an animal autopsy to confirm whether or not the animal is indeed a fisher. If it is found to be a fisher, this will likely be the farthest west that such an animal has been seen in Ohio in the last 200 years. 

Since the animal mostly disappeared, there have been around 40 confirmed sightings in northeast Ohio, according to the Akron Beacon Journal. The majority of the sightings have happened in the last three years, with many of these animals moving westward towards Ohio from Pennsylvania. 

One of the fishers found dead recently was reportedly pregnant, a possible indicator that the animals are moving back into the state.

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