Panama City Beach Has Highest Death Toll of Any US Beach This Year

Photo by Pedro Monteiro on Unsplash

( – Panama City Beach in Florida is considered to be the deadliest beach in America as seven people have died recently because of the rip currents. Three tourists died after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico last weekend, according to Fox News.

The police reported that all three incidents occurred on Saturday, June 24 off the coast of Panama City Beach. They noted that it was unclear whether the victims had strictly drowned or if different medical emergencies caused their deaths. The Panama City News Herald reported that the tourists swam behind different resorts.

The National Weather Service reports that Panama City Beach now has the highest death toll of any U.S. beach in 2023.

The conditions have not only affected that beach, Fox News reports. On June 22, another person died close to Blue Mountain Beach, and a couple days later, another died at Miramar Beach.

Rip currents refer to channelized water currents that flow away from the shore, and they often appear near sandbars or other structures like jetties and piers. The National Weather Service has warned that they can be rather dangerous because even the strongest swimmers may be taken away from the shore.

In recent years, the number of deaths caused by rip currents has increased, with a record high of 113 deaths reported in 2021. Last year, there were 69 deaths, while this year there have already been 60 deaths in the surf zones across the nation.

The police noted that the three tourists who died on Saturday had all been caught in the rip currents. They also pointed out that in two instances, there had been double red flags at the beach, which indicates that the beach was closed to swimmers.

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