Republican Reportedly Wants Migrants To Stay in Florida

Photo by Kerwin Elias on Unsplash

( – A Florida Republican has pushed for immigrants to continue living in the state following the law that Governor Ron DeSantis signed in May, according to a report from Newsweek. Recently, DeSantis signed a new bill, SB 1718, into law that will impose tougher anti-immigration rules starting at the beginning of July.

One of the provisions of these rules is that employers will need to use the E-Verify program before hiring employees in order to determine whether those people are legally allowed to work in the U.S. Medical facilities are also reportedly required to gather certain information on patients who are undocumented.

These provisions have caused some Republicans who are in constituencies close to the border to worry, as the E-Verify requirement could mean that businesses will not be able to rely on the immigrant labor force that has been integral to their operations before. They are reportedly concerned about the possibility of labor shortages.

GOP Florida State Representatives Juan Fernandez-Barquin, Rick Roth, and Alina Garcia spoke to an audience in Hialeah, Florida, on Monday, June 5 about the legislation. According to Newsweek, Roth was recorded on camera asking attendees to speak to their acquaintances about the resources available to help them learn about the law. He said that it is intended to “scare” immigrants, but he added that he was urging people to stay despite the law. He said he is a “farmer” and that all those in his field are upset about losing out on employees who are choosing to move to other states that do not have these immigration restrictions. He also reportedly referred to the law as a “political” one.

Representative Garcia appeared in a different video agreeing with Roth, saying that the bill was just meant to scare people and that the provisions and rules set out have “no teeth.” However, Fernandez-Barquin said in a separate statement that he disagreed with the interpretation that the bill was meant to scare people.

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