Supreme Court Justice Faces Impeachment Calls

Photo by Jesse Collins on Unsplash

( – A petition that has gathered approximately 32,000 signatures as of July 8 is calling for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to be impeached. The petition has gained a lot of attention before the summer recess, as it has called for the U.S. Supreme Court to establish an “enforceable code of ethics” that all justices will be required to follow, according to Newsweek. This petition was released following the recent reports regarding both Alito and Justice Clarence Thomas having received gifts that they never included in their financial disclosures. The petition targeting Thomas has gathered 1.3 million signatures.

The petition specifically refers to a ProPublica independent news report, which was published in late June and included information about Alito having gone on a fishing trip in Alaska covered for by Paul Singer, a hedge fund manager. The report said that the two men stayed in a luxury lodge in 2008 and that Alito’s trip with a private jet was covered by Singer who was also on the trip.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Alito defended himself, saying that he had not done anything wrong.

Newsweek reported that the group holding the petitions said in an email that Alito took trips “paid for by right-wing megadonors with cases before the court.”

The Supreme Court has faced increased scrutiny, especially from the Left, in the wake of controversial decisions such as striking down affirmative action, tossing Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, and ruling in favor of a person who didn’t want to perform work for an LGBTQ+ couple.

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