US Teenager Killed in Puerto Rico

Photo by Stephanie Klepacki on Unsplash

( – In the late evening of July 1st, Tommy Grays III, a teenager hailing from Maryland, met a tragic end on a picturesque beach in Puerto Rico while on a summer vacation. The sandy shores of Isla Verde, a popular tourist destination, turned into a scene of horror that would forever alter the Grays family’s lives.

The incident occurred near the famous Casa Cuba club. According to the official statement from the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, the young boy was caught up in an altercation that ended with a shooting.

The main suspect in the case, Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez, turned himself into the local authorities after the shooting. Martínez, who had reportedly been involved in the heated argument, has since been held in police custody, pending a thorough investigation into the details of that fateful night.

Grays was about to be a Junior at James Hubert Blake High School in Montgomery, Maryland. In an emotional interview with NBC Washington, Tommy Grays Jr., the father of the deceased, shared his bewilderment at the turn of events. He revealed that some individuals in Puerto Rico had portrayed his son as a villain in this scenario, a characterization that he passionately contested.

He argued vehemently that his son was a picture of innocence, a teenager without a streak of violence in his character. Tommy III, his father claimed, was not one for conflicts or confrontations. Prior to the tragic incident, the young boy had never engaged in any physical altercations, he said.

Tommy Jr. said that the argument that evening had involved a different member of the family, and that it was Tommy III who stepped in to de-escalate the situation.

According to his father’s account, Tommy III headed back to the beach after the argument and was with his stepfather in the water when Martinez opened fire. The shooting reportedly led to the death of the teen, while the stepfather and uncle were injured.

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