Woman Injured After Punching Bear

Woman Injured After Punching Bear

(ConservativeHub.com) – Wildlife officials in Maine revealed last week that a local woman was forced to strike a bear that had taken an interest in her dog, leading to her being bitten by the animal.

Lynn Kelly, aged 64, received medical treatment for wounds on her wrist, a result of the confrontation which happened at around 11:30 a.m. on June 30. This was according to a communication by the state’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Fortunately, the dog escaped the incident unscathed.

Kelly, hailing from Porter, stood up to the black bear when it emerged from nearby woods to pursue her dog. As the department’s report highlights, the bear reared up on its hind legs, prompting the woman to follow suit and strike the bear on its snout.

In the aftermath of her action, the bear retaliated by biting her right hand, causing puncture injuries to her wrist. After this, the bear let her go and fled.

In response to this episode, state wildlife officials installed live traps in the vicinity. According to a July 3 report from WGME, they used the DNA from Kelly’s bite to identify the bear, who they ultimately caught and euthanized. This episode is one of a series of recent encounters between humans and wildlife.

In a separate incident reported by NBC Connecticut, a 65-year-old homeowner in Litchfield, Connecticut, was hospitalized recently after he intervened in a standoff between a bear and his dog. The dog was subsequently brought to a vet for a checkup. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, along with state Environmental Conservation Police, reported that the bear was initially attracted to a bird feeder, and the dog had tried to scare it away.

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