2 Arrested Over Alleged Theft in Chicago

2 Arrested Over Alleged Theft in Chicago

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Friday, December 1, two individuals were arrested in Chicago for theft. Authorities have reported that the two, both Venezuelan migrants, had entered a Macy’s in suburban Chicago where they stole hundreds of dollars’ worth of products.

Authorities have noted that Macy’s has been an ongoing target for retail theft. The incident occurred after 7 p.m. in Oak Brook, Illinois, with 18-year-old Johan Gavidia-Rojas and 20-year-old Edys Alberto Herrera-Gotopo having entered the store together with empty bags in their hands. The men allegedly collaborated in grabbing multiple pieces of clothing and putting them into the bag. Prosecutors have noted that one of the two was acting as a lookout while the other was stealing merchandise before switching roles.

Oak Brook police intercepted the two when they tried to leave the store without paying for any of the items. While Herrera-Gotopo did not cause an incident before being taken into custody, Gavidia-Rojas allegedly attempted to escape before being caught by law enforcement officers. Overall, the two men were found to be carrying $665 in stolen goods.

DuPage County State’s Attorney Rober Berlin noted that the quick apprehension of the two men shows that law enforcement officials in the area are ready to handle any cases of shoplifting and that all those who attempted to steal from local establishments would end up being arrested, prosecuted and charged.

Both of the men have been charged with one felony count of retail theft. A judge rejected a motion to have them detained following the incident, however, the two men are banned from entering the Macy’s in Oak Brook.

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