Alvin Bragg Prosecutor Reportedly Discussed Anti-Incarceration Efforts

Photo by David Veksler on Unsplash

( – A new Fox News Digital article reported that the chief assistant of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Meg Reiss, has previously touted efforts to let violent offenders serve lower sentences or help them avoid incarceration using her approach to criminal justice.

While she was at a Peace Institute Event back in 2021, Reiss reportedly said that she was aware that incarceration was not the solution to “any problems.” Fox News Digital reportedly before that that she had also noted that criminals were not “bad dudes” and at the same time had slammed juries for claiming that police officers accused of misconduct needed to be given the “benefit of the doubt.”

Reiss reportedly proceeded to talk about Manhattan’s district attorney, and how he aided a helped someone avoid jail time after they killed someone without many family members. She noted the man was previously facing manslaughter charges, but had managed to get away with no prison time. She characterized this case as “extraordinary.”

Reiss noted that this particular case involved an altercation between two individuals who were very familiar with each other, and it had been a fight where one person had ended up dead. She added that the man facing charges “had substance misuse issues” and more. She further said that given the facts of the case, a restorative practice had been better than incarceration. According to Reiss, the victim had just a single relative.

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