Biden Campaign Released Guide for Replying To Trump Supporters

Photo by Natilyn Photography on Unsplash

( – Ahead of Thanksgiving, the Biden 2024 presidential campaign released a new guide for “responding to crazy MAGA nonsense” that supporters could use when dealing with their family members who are Trump supporters.

The guide started off by providing talking points that could be used in response to many of the arguments made by conservatives regarding the economy and immigration. In one of the slides, there were also direct responses to some of the claims made by MAGA supporters, including that Trump had helped secure the U.S. border. The guide said Trump had not secured the border, but rather that he had separated families and placed children in cages, which resulted in a broken immigration system that Biden has been called to deal with.

According to Fox News, some social media users have criticized the list, stating that only a difficult person would head into Thanksgiving looking to have an argument instead of enjoying time with their family.

Alec Sears, a GOP digital strategist said on X that the Democrats had put out a guide on how to be the worst possible person during Thanksgiving. Similarly, Siraj Hashmi, a podcast host, mockingly told followers on the platform to “imagine” requiring talking points for spending the holidays with your family.

There were also others who claimed that the Biden-Harris campaign was trying to promote propaganda in order to promote and defend their campaign. On the platform, Twitchy’s Doug Powers said this “gaslighting would make North Korean state media blush.”

Joe Kent, a Congressional GOP candidate argued that the guide was a “thread” on ignoring reality and embracing decline.

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