Biden Gets 4 Pinocchios From WaPo Fact Checker

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Glenn Kessler, a Washington Post fact-checker, gave President Joe Biden a “Four Pinocchios” rating for stating that his son Hunter Biden never made any profits from his work with China.

During the recent fact-check, Kessler started off by addressing remarks that Biden made during the two presidential debates in 2020 when he claimed that Hunter Biden had not been involved in any business with China. However, Kessler pointed out the President’s son himself has stated that this was not the case.

Last week, during his court testimony, Hunter Biden acknowledged that over the years, he has received substantial sums from the country. Kessler said that Hunter Biden joined his father, who was serving as a Vice President, during an official trip to China in 2013. Hunter Biden admitted that he used this trip as a way of fostering his relations with his business associates in the country, and has even stated that he introduced his partner to Joe Biden.

Kessler further said that following Joe Biden’s departure from the position of Vice President, Hunter Biden made a deal with CEFC China Energy. According to information and emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop over 14 months, entities that were under the control of Hunter Biden and President Biden’s brother James received $4.8 million.

Kessler also said that during one of the debates, Joe Biden made the claim about his son in response to a moderator’s question. According to him, Joe Biden is often “sloppier” with his phrasing, which makes it unlikely that he tailored his response to apply only to his time as Vice President. He concluded that the President previously denied that Hunter profited from business in China, and that this deserved “Four Pinocchios” because Hunter ultimately contradicted those claims.

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