Biden Sends Separate Messages in Letters About Israel/Hamas Conflict

Biden Sends Separate Messages in Letters About Israel/Hamas Conflict

( – President Joe Biden has promoted two different messages regarding the escalation in the war in the Middle East according to NBC News, which obtained copies of the letters directed to pro-Israel and pro-Palestine Americans.

In one of the letters, the Biden administration states that Israel had their support against the “pure evil” of terrorism, while in the other one, the focus is placed on the efforts of his administration to ensure that civilians in Gaza would be safe. While the messaging in the two letters differs, it is not contradictory nor does it go in opposition to the policies followed by Biden, NBC News reported.

Still, it is uncommon for the White House correspondence office to write two different letters on the same topic that differ so dramatically. These letters are a good indication of the tough waters that Biden is called to navigate in handling the Israel-Hamas war which has led to the emergence of many pro-Israel and pro-Palestine voices.

In the letter sent to people supporting Israel, the White House draws a connection between the Oct. 7 Hamas attack and the Holocaust, while also adding that the United States continues to support the country. He added that they were going to continue to make sure that Israel would have the resources necessary to defend itself.

However, none of these points are made in the response letter sent to those who are pro-Palestine, as that letter is focused on providing humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

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