Conservative Pastor Slams New Barbie Film

Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash

( – Shane Vaughn, a conservative pastor and Make America Great Again (MAGA) supporter, recently took to Twitter to post a video blasting the new Barbie film.

In the video of Vaughn that was posted by RightWingWatch, he claimed that everyone was currently living in a world that is particularly hateful towards men, and even more so white men. He said that there is a general hate for the patriarchy, and the position of head of the house, which he claims is all “toxic feminism.” Vaughn then proceeded to say that this was what the new Barbie movie was promoting and that the movie would foster a general hatred of men and would emasculate men.

Vaughn concluded by arguing that those who are taking their daughters and granddaughters to watch this film were effectively turning them into “lesbians.”

The movie by director Greta Gerwig was recently released in movie theaters, with reports indicating that it has done well at the box office so far. However, a number of conservative critics have taken issue with the movie, according to Newsweek.

Conservative personality Jack Posobiec, in a video sharing the clip of Ryan Gosling’s character Ken singing, claimed that this film was the most “anti-male film” ever created.

The outlet also pointed out that Ginger Luckey, the wife of Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, took to Twitter to write that the new Barbie movie was presenting the notion that there was no way men and women could “collaborate positively.”

Twitter CEO Elon Musk also criticized the film by saying that those who turn it into a drinking game taking a shot every time Barbie talks about the “patriarchy” will pass out by the end of the film.

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