Conservative Voters Have Been Moving To Idaho From Blue States, Data Shows

Photo by Alden Skeie on Unsplash

( – According to Fox News, Gem State voter data shows that there are thousands of conservative-leaning voters from Washington choosing to leave the Democratic-leaning state in favor of Idaho.

The Idaho Secretary of State’s office published new data that showed that out of the 119,000 people who had chosen to move from one state to Idaho, only around 12 percent were registered Democrats, while 65 percent were registered Republican voters.

Fox News Digital reviewed the data and found that of the around 20,000 Americans who had moved from Washington state to Idaho, 62 percent were Republicans and 12 percent were Democrats. The remaining 24 percent were unaffiliated, while another 2 percent identified as “other.” In Idaho, the registered Republicans were around 58 percent. The outlet also reported that out of about 40,000 individuals who moved from California to Idaho, three quarters of them were Republicans.

Phil McGrane, the Idaho Secretary of State, told the outlet that they were not surprised to see Republicans relocating to Idaho. However, they were surprised by the overwhelming number of people who made that move. He said they also found that the majority of voters hailing from 48 out of the 49 states and moving to Idaho were aligned with the GOP.

McGrane added that it was hardly shocking the conservatives would want to move to Idaho, considering the conservative values in the state, the strong economy, and “business-friendly environment.” He added that these attributes have made the state a great destination for those who share similar perspectives.

Fox News reported that this latest data comes after states such as New York and California, have had many residents leave in the last several years, with many of them choosing conservative or red states, like Texas and Florida.

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