Critics Slam Police Department After Dance Performance

Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash

( – Critics slammed the New York City Police Department following a performance from its dance crew on a local TV station on Thursday, February 15. 

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, many of the critics argued that the police department was more concerned with their dance moves than they were with fighting crime. One critic said that the city’s mayor Eric Adams was able to cut $100 million from education this year, and yet there were enough funds for the NYPD to promote themselves through their dance team. 

Another critic commented how what the city needed was not dancers but cops. 

Fox News Contributor and former FBI agent Nicole Parker told Fox News Digital that the recent performance was not only disturbing, but also very concerning. She argued that it was outrageous and that it was offensive to women in law enforcement and tag payers. She said it was a completely degrading and inappropriate thing to do having them perform. 

Parker continued by saying that it is very stressful being in law enforcement and there is nothing wrong with doing something for fun and to relieve the stress. However, she argued that it was inappropriate for that to be done on taxpayers’ dollars. She also said that violent crime in New York City has been off the charts and that this was inappropriate as it was not focused on maintaining the safety of the community. 

The NYPD dance team was originally founded in 2022 and was intended as a way for officers to relax after their team. The dancers practice around two to three times each week and have performed at various events.

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