Delta Passengers Reportedly Subdue Aggressive Person on Flight

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

( – Last week, a group of passengers reportedly subdued an aggressive passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight that had allegedly assaulted a flight attendant on the flight bound for Louisiana.

Delta Flight 2432 was heading from Atlanta to New Orleans, and following the flight’s landing, law enforcement officers came aboard the flight to take an unruly passenger into custody. The man’s name was 39-year-old Nelson Montgomery, and he ended up being detained by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. According to a report from WVUE, the man threatened and assaulted a flight attendant using a makeshift weapon. Following the attack, a group of passengers subdued him, which resulted in his neck being injured at the time of his detainment.

A spokesperson for Delta Air Lines in a statement confirmed the incident and said that the company had “zero tolerance” for violence. They added that the most important thing to the company is the safety of their customers and personnel.

A witness revealed that the man held the flight attendant in a chokehold and used what looked like broken glass. The man allegedly stated during the incident that if anyone came too close, he would cut her head off.

The man was ultimately subdued by eight of the passengers who held him at bay until law enforcement officials could arrive at the scene. Montgomery was also attended by medical professionals for the injuries he incurred during the incident and is going to be charged with battery, aggravated battery, and disturbing the peace.

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