Democrats Reportedly Annoyed About Having Concerns Brushed Off By Biden-Harris Campaign

Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash

( – Top Democrats are allegedly frustrated over “bed-wetting” complaints, arguing that the Biden campaign is dismissing rather than handling their concerns.  

On Sunday, February 18, during a CNN report, it was noted that Vice President Kamala Harris had a meeting with leading Democrats where she received guidance for the 2024 reelection campaign. During the meeting, some of the Democrats had expressed concern about their chances of being “sloughed off” by the Biden administration and campaign. 

One person who was in attendance at the meeting with Harris told the media outlet that the complaints about “bed-wetting” were “running thin” with some. This was a reference to the concerns that many Democrats are feeling over the fast-approaching 2024 election. They argued that it was necessary for the Biden-Harris campaign and the West Wing to “be better.” 

On Monday, CNN reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere explained in the report that the Democrats felt that these concerns were being dismissed by the President’s inner circle. He added that this is also indicative of the general feeling that people have that they are being dismissed when things for the Biden campaign were not going well. He further called for Harris to position herself in a way that would allow her to bring these concerns of the Biden campaign team forward. 

During the meeting, Harris reportedly claimed that she was not worried about losing to the former President, but that instead she was worried about losing to “the couch.” She also expressed concern that certain people might end up not voting on election day instead of supporting either candidate. 

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