FCC Planning Vote on Rules That Were Revoked Under Trump Admin

Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Wednesday, April 3, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair announced that they were planning a vote later in the month on whether to restore the net neutrality rules that were previously canceled during the Trump administration. 

The Obama-era rule prevented broadband providers from throttling or stopping internet traffic to certain websites and increasing access speed for websites that paid more. 

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel put out a statement said that during the 2020 health emergency, it became clear how essential broadband is. She continued by noting that the previous administration had “abdicated” any authority over broadband services, resulting in the FCC being limited in the actions it can take to secure broadband networks and ensure that the internet continues to be speedy, accessible, and fair.

She said that returning to the net neutrality rules, which were popular and had the court’s approval, is going to allow the agency to once again be a strong advocate for an open internet. 

The proposal would also give the FCC greater oversight of companies that provide broadband, giving the agency the right to address any security concerns, consumer risks, and outages. 

During the April 25 meeting, the FCC will hold a vote on whether the net neutrality rules should be reimplemented. In October, the agency in a 3-2 vote along partisan lines determined that they should move forward with the process. This was after they secured a Democratic majority following a delay that lasted around two years involving a past nominee.

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