Gun Factory Leaving New York Village for Georgia

Photo by Cody Wingfield on Unsplash

( – New York Mayor John P. Stephens in a statement to the New York Times said that the shutting down of the Remington gun factory in Ilion, New York was going to bring an end to its 208 years of history. He added that Remington and Ilion are synonymous. 

Remington is planning to move to Georgia, according to an announcement made to union officials last year. The company chief of RemArms stated that the company would be moving from New York in March. The rest of their operations which are currently located in Ilion are going to be in Georgia, where the company’s leaders have argued there is more support for the firearms industry. 

The New York village where the company’s manufacturing is currently taking place is located around 230 miles northwest of New York City. Some people have argued that the town was going to lose part of its identity with the move. 

Retired Remington employee Jim Conover, who first started his career in 1964, argued that with Remington leaving the state it was not like having a facility leave, but rather it was like a family member was moving, according to The Associated Press.

Frank “Rusty” Brown who works as a technician and furnace operator at the factory, said that generations of his family had worked at the facility and that the move would leave both him and his wife out of work.  He added that before him his mother and father worked there and that currently both of his daughters as well as his wife and son-in-law work at the facility. 

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