Juveniles Reportedly Committing More Crimes in Minnesota’s Twin Cities

Photo by Eastman Childs on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – The Star Tribune recently reported that young juveniles in Minnesota’s Twin Cities are responsible for an increasing number of crimes, which are a lot more severe than simply stealing candy bars.

On Sunday, December 3, Dawanna Witt, the Hennepin County Sheriff, was reported by the Star Tribune saying that the rise in juvenile crime rates is an indication that the area is in “trouble.”

According to the outlet, juveniles are committing a number of crimes in Hennepin County, including robbery, gun possession, auto thefts, and assault. Since 2021, the number of juveniles that have been charged with homicide has also doubled, according to Witt.

Witt also pointed out that their facilities were currently focused on rehabilitation. She added that these kids were in “survival mode” and were used to living in chaos. She proceeded to question the extent to which they would be receptive to possible rehabilitation. However, she said it was essential for these resources and facilities to be made available to them.

Minn. State Sen. Bobby Joe Champion also told the outlet that sometimes, young people make bad decisions. However, the lawmaker added that a “setback” could eventually become a “comeback,” highlighting the importance of finding solutions that bring kids back onto the right side of the law.

Witt was asked why there were fewer prosecution cases presented by law enforcement officers now compared to before 2020. She said there was no clear answer to this. She further argued that they were not seeing this trend and that the answer was still unclear.

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