Los Angeles Continues To Struggle With Homelessness Crisis

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Mayor Karen Bass recently signed an updated emergency declaration that would allow her to take more control over the homeless crisis through emergency power. The updated declaration was signed last week and it will allow Bass to speed up the processes relating to housing construction, as well as coordinate the plans across the city relating to the homeless crisis.

In a recent statement, the mayor revealed that everyone was aware that Los Angeles is currently facing an emergency when it comes to homelessness. She pointed out there are thousands of people living in either tents or their cars because of this crisis. The emergency declarations have been updated to enable her to gain more momentum in dealing with the homeless crisis and provide affordable housing to residents.

The original emergency declaration was signed by Bass only six months after she first took office. Since then, the city has made many housing plans to help address the housing crisis. Still, during a press briefing at City Hall, Bass pointed out that the situation remained dire.

She added that there is always an emergency in Los Angeles, saying that homeless people are not just on the streets, but that they will often die during the night hours. This is why she referred to the current crisis as a matter of life and death. News reports revealed at the end of June that new data also found that homelessness in the city of Los Angeles has risen by 10 percent despite the millions of dollars spent on housing investments.

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